Management team had $3mm, but they needed $30mm to buy the company


Bridgepoint was approached by a seasoned management team who had identified a company in their sector they wanted to acquiror. They had the company under letter of intent, but were 90% short on the capital required to service the purchase price. The acquiring management team selected Bridgepoint Investment Banking after a bake-off with other investment banks to raise the capital for the acquisition due to our unique, market-leading leveraged finance practice and structuring expertise.


Bridgepoint ran an institutional capital raise process, leveraging our close debt and equity relationships nationally. We solicited both debt and equity term sheets, and ultimately provided several options for management to complete the acquisition and “juice” their economics. More importantly, we found them the right partner who was the best fit socially. Not to mention they were able to buy a $30mm+ company with only $3mm. The management team plans to use the acquisition as a platform for more bolt-on acquisitions using the capital partner we brought to the table.