Injection Molding Industry Update March 2019

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Valuations Remain Elevated as Industry Cycle Reaches Late Innings



  • Public injection molding companies are currently trading at 8.7x EBITDA , up 61.1% from the most recent cycle trough of 5.4x in early 2016, and higher than the historical median
  • Innovative advancements like micro injection and eco-materials are expected to continue to shape the injection molding industry throughout 2019
  • Strong 2019 predictions and capital expenditure projections as technology drives opportunities and continued positive trends for the US injection molding industry
  • Injection molding companies with niche capabilities or customer bases are garnering premium valuations – cycle is late in its bull run



  • Manufacturing valuations vary across specialties but injection molding companies are favorably priced with median public multiples at 8.7x EBITDA
  • Growth in injection molding is tightly connected to the growth of end-market industries such as packaging, automotive and construction
  • Environmental considerations could be drivers of change and firms must adapt quickly to remain competitive
  • Bridgepoint Investment Banking advises injection molding company owners seeking liquidity or growth financing that timing continues to be attractive to consider exploring monetization, financing and other capital options





  • Increased Production of Durable Goods (incl. Plastics) Driving Industrial Growth As Signaled by Job Growth
    • Growth in the plastic injection molding sector is expected to be elevated over the near term – driving high valuations
  • Manufacturers Are Turning to Niche Verticals to Retain Competitive Control

    • Private Equity Firms with record amounts of capital are targeting companies leading in unique verticals and increasing valuations from financial buyers
  • Demand for Industrial Plastics used In Automotive and Aerospace is high with a 14,000+ commercial aircraft backlog

    • Firms that leverage supply chain efficiencies and produce molds that were once infeasible will become more defensible with price control
  • Innovation in Injection Molding is Rapid and Companies Will Need to Continually Rethink Their Manufacturing Processes

    • Fluctuating raw material prices in addition to growing environmental concerns regarding disposal, could potentially hinder future market growth
  • Injection Molding Growth at 6.0% CAGR through the Forecast Period (2025)

    • Tailwinds favorable to plastics, such as an increase in the production of durable goods, are leading to high cash flow projections and elevated valuations


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