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Throughout 2018 the debt markets remained historically aggressive in terms of pricing, leverage and covenant flexibility. There has been a surge in non-bank direct lending in the middle market.

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‘Things To Consider For Business Owners After A Merger Or Acquisition’ - A Midlands Business Journal Article

Mergers and acquisitions, two very similar but very different business transitions.  Mike Anderson, Managing Director at Bridgepoint Investment Bank broke down the difference in the most recent issue of the Midlands Business Journal.  Anderson was asked to break down these two ideas and how companies should approach a sale, by Lee Nelson, staff writer of the Midlands Business Journal.  

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Understanding Capital Market Firms for a Successful Transaction

Many capital market firms work with companies on transactions – but figuring out the differences of each firm and their roles and services can be tricky. Major firm categories include Investment Banking, Private Equity and Venture Capital. These terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably, and understanding their differences is crucial for company owners looking to make a transaction. Use this list as a guide to finding the right type of firm for your company.

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The Bank Said No More Money

For many business owners, the majority of original loans and funding will traditionally come from a bank (usually after initial funding from friends and family). As the years go on, the working capital line continues to grow with the business. But in some cases, due to a lack of hard assets or limitations at the bank due to their size, the banker needs to put a cap on the borrowing limits. So now what?

Great news: you have options. Check out the list below to learn more about different actions you can take to ensure you (and your company) receive the necessary guidance and assistance during this crucial point in time.

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